Music for Events Reviews

During 2013, Music for Events has worked with some terrific people all across the California area.  We are grateful to the people we’ve worked with, and make sure we go the extra mile to make your occasion a successful one. Ashley Drummy, from Poppy and Plum, said “We hired Carolyn to play for a small […]

Genelle and Dennis’ Wedding

Can Music Really Make You a Happier Person?

Music is good theory for all emotions in people. Feeling sad or angry, that listening to an upbeat song can lift your mood. Music affects us all. Recent time’s doctors now believe using music therapy in hospitals and nursing home not only makes people feel better, but also makes them heal faster. Medical experts are […]

Recent blog posts about weddings

[View the story “Recent wedding and music blog posts” on Storify] Recent wedding and music blog posts Music for Events has been looking around the web this week for some blog posts about weddings and music, and we’ve found some great ones that you might want to read… Storified by Daniel Kidd· Wed, Apr 24 […]

Recent Wedding Music Blog Posts

[View the story “Recent Wedding Music Blog Posts” on Storify] Recent Wedding Music Blog Posts Here at Music For Events, we’ve had a look around and found some of the best blog posts in recent weeks about wedding music. Hopefully some of you find some of these great posts useful! Storified by Daniel Kidd· Mon, […]

Wedding music blog posts of 2013

[View the story “Wedding music blog posts for 2013″ on Storify] Wedding music blog posts for 2013 Below I’ve chosen a few of the past month’s best blog posts about wedding music. Thanks to all involved. Storified by Daniel Kidd· Tue, Jan 08 2013 14:26:54 Top 20 Wedding First Dance Songs For 2013 – Audio […]

The magic singing waiters can bring to any event

Is there anything more fun than having a great wedding organized? This is one of the most important events in anyone’s life and for those who are looking to seep some magic into it, they can certainly do that by considering some ingenious ideas. One example in this regard would be to consider singing waiters. These are generally […]

How to purchase the top 10 albums of all time

Technology, in today’s era has reshaped the music industry. Technological inventions have made music easily accessible from one corner of the world to another, however, the record companies are no longer in control. The internet has made it easy for artist to connect with people, and through file sharing their music is open to a wider market with […]

How to select the right music for proms

Are you in charge of this year’s prom night at your school? If yes, then you must have been verybusy in making plans to make the prom night entertaining and fun-filled. One of the biggest concerns that any prom organizer would have is deciding on the music for the event. We would suggest you to plan something […]

How Singing Waiters Can Perform With Your Music At Your Wedding

It seems that there aren’t too many people out there who are aware of the fact that once they attend a wedding, they might be surprised by a group of singing waiters. The thing is that this is a new trend which seems to be embraced in more and more corners around the earth. Participating at a wedding […]