• FU·SION (noun):  The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

MUSIC-FOR-EVENTS LA can create a successful event for you by providing FUSION MUSIC styles for any taste.  FUSION MUSIC can combine, for example, JAZZ and COUNTRY, or perhaps, JAZZ and MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC for an international flavor.  Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock are three virtuoso FUSION MUSICIANS.

Herbie Hancock

FUSION MUSIC BANDS – Pioneers In New Musical Styles

MUSIC-FOR-EVENTS offers you a wide variety of FUSION musicians and groups who will provide a memorable setting for your next special occasion.

Five Top Fusion Songs

1. In A Silent Way – Miles Davis
2. The Noonward Race – Mahavishnu Orchestra
3. Spain – Chick Corea
4. A Love Supreme – Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin
5. Slightly All The Time – Soft Machine


Artist ID 70789: Robert Earl Longley

bands for hireAmazing audiences of all age groups, Robert Earl Longley performs an entertaining fusion of World Music on solo acoustic guitar “with that good-time nastiness of New Orleans.” His music is truly unlike any other – infused with irresistible, virtuosic flamenco rhythms within original compositions that are romantic, lyrical blends of jazz sensibilities and classical chord progressions. Robert’s live solo repertoire consists of his original music in a number of contrasting genres of blended musical styles, such as jazz, blues, latin, spaghetti western and neo-classical, which he performs in his own inimitable signature manner. He has been performing his extraordinary guitar stylistics for 20 years – professional, dependable, on time and in tune, a few highlights of his career include performances at the Emmy Awards, the Latin Grammy Awards, a comic bit on the Jay Leno Show, the Triple Door theater in Seattle, Montalvo Performing Arts Center in Saratoga, Ca, and the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas where he played to a sold-out crowd of 6,800. Robert Earl Longley can be summed up in just three words: “Guitar Drama Unleashed!”

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musicians for hireArtist ID 70787: LoveyDove

With the unique sound of what is sometimes called ‘baroque pop’, LoveyDove is spreading the love by melding deep soulful pop with penetrating psychedelic grooves. “Supremely melodic and wonderfully harmonized,” their shimmering, alluring sounds of melodic pop-‘n-roll have been called “high-grade modernist pop.” Comprised of east coast girl Azalia Snail, west coast guy Dan West and top notch drummer Briar Dean, LoveyDove is sure to raise you and your guests up with their sweet and uplifting sweeps of melody and joy!

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Artist ID 70778: The Mike Terlizzi Trio

bands for hireThe Mike Terlizzi Trio plays a combination of jazz, funk, rock, modern fusion and pop songs. Playing for years before becoming the house band for the Playboy Comedy Showcases in Los Angeles, The Mike Terlizzi Trio also performs weekly at The Culver Hotel. Their style ranges from cocktail hour jazz to hard electric fusion/funk to pop songs by The Bee Gees, Cyndi Lauper, Hall & Oates and more. Eclectic and genre flexible, their energy as well as musicality bring a lightheartedness and fun to every event.

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Artist ID 70744: Gypsy

Gypsy is the dynamic flamenco duo of Arleen Suntado and Benjamin Wills. As artists and virtuosos in their craft, they have both toured much of the world performing and teaching authentic flamenco and flamenco fusion, and their innovative, intense performance of this art of southern Spain as well as the lively music of the Gipsy Kings has made this duo highly requested in venues all across California. Arleen colors the stage with dramatic, powerful and sensual dancing as well precise machine-gun footwork and percussion. Benjamin’s exceptional talent as a flamenco guitarist, accompanying with astonishing technical ability and inventiveness on guitar with raspy vocals reminiscent of Andalucia, has brought people to tears and audiences to their feet with the profound, almost telepathic synergy they share on stage.

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Artist ID 70737: La Neblina

La Neblina is a musical group out of the city of San Bernardino, California with performance experience not only in Southern California but also in Las Vegas, Nevada, and across Arizona since 1992. They are one of the very few bands that combine classical instruments with modern technology, combining digitally recorded wind instruments like trumpets, trombones and saxophones into their music creating a unique fusion that makes La Neblina one of the most popular bands of their kind. Recognized for their energy, attention to detail and authenticity in performing music according to the original artist, La Neblina’s style ranges from Salsa, Norteno and Boleros to contemporary music and more.

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