Genelle and Dennis’ Wedding

During the next few months, we’re going to be speaking to people who Music for Events have worked with.

Our first post remembers the wedding of Genelle and Dennis Blay, May 12th, 2o13.

The newlyweds met originally at a cousin’s baby shower, and soon became good friends for around six months before embarking on a relationship. On Christmas day 2010, Dennis surprised Genelle by hiding an engagement ring in the tree and getting down on one knee while she was looking for it. In total, they have been together for 6 years, including a 15 month engagement.


Preparing for the big day took around a year and a half. Although there was a lot of planning, everyone helped out to make it less stressful than people make it seem. Christmas House was the chosen venue, and the couple were full of praise for how they arranged everything and the beautiful location. ‘Janice is the coordinator there and she is amazing.’


The Wedding

So the big day came and the sun was shining. Greg Wyatt was the photographer for the wedding, and he did an amazing job! When it came to the music, Stairway to Heaven was played on the harp as Genelle walked down the aisle with her little boy. There were a number of classic rock songs played which were received well by the 200 friends and family in attendance.

Genelle goes on to say how perfect her wedding day was, and that she’ll remember this day forever.

We’re happy we were part of it! Congratulations Genelle and Dennis







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