How to purchase the top 10 albums of all time

Technology, in today’s era has reshaped the music industry. Technological inventions have made music easily accessible from one corner of the world to another, however, the record companies are no longer in control. The internet has made it easy for artist to connect with people, and through file sharing their music is open to a wider market with buyers all over the world. Various new styles of music have taken birth fusing multiple genres and styles. Globalisation of the market has influenced artists today to explore new styles in the pursuit of global followers.

While the major labels still exist as marketing machines, consumers have begun to shift away from purchasing compact discs (CD’s) or vinyls in favor of purchasing digital files from music stores.

Music stores offer a wider platform for artists to sell music directly to the buyers.

Stats state that the online sale of music has experienced ups and downs in the recent few years.

The gradual 8% hike in figures of 2011 to $5.2 billion reflects signs that the industry has finally began to get on top of the rampant online piracy it blames for its woes. At an average seven million UK users download files illegally every year. However, the record labels have big hopes with 2013, which they believe will be a good year for music revenue.

Famous music stores such as Itunes, Beatport, Amazon and Juno are the big names in the online music sale industry. These stores offer a centralised archive of music which makes music search a simple task.

With advanced categorisation, music is well organised on the website with options such as demo previews, were you can listen to a demo sample of the track online before downloading.

“Top 40 of the month” , “Top 10 Classic of all time”, “Top 50 Rock Songs” and “Top 10 Albums of all time” are the most commonly downloaded categories. However, the compilation and the listing might vary from site to site, most of the online music selling websites offer an updated version of listing periodically. It is quite simple to bag a copy of these compilations, as a there are only few simple steps involved in the process. A Credit/Debit card is all you need, after submitting your personal details, the Digital File can be downloaded onto your PC/phone.

Here is a listing to my favorite top ten albums of all time:

Thriller – Michael Jackson

• Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

• Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZOSO) – Led Zeppelin

• Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

• Never mind – Nirvana

• A Night at the Opera – Queen

• Becoming – Sarah Geronimo

• Abbey Road – Beatles

• The Wall – Pink Floyd

• Scoundrel Days – A-ha


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