How to select the right music for proms

Are you in charge of this year’s prom night at your school? If yes, then you must have been verybusy in making plans to make the prom night entertaining and fun-filled. One of the biggest concerns that any prom organizer would have is deciding on the music for the event. We would suggest you to plan something innovative and avoid doing things like piping in the local music station via the P.A all through the night. You must remember that the majority of the high school students get to attend only a single prom; so, your duty is to arrange the best possible night for them. Follow the suggestions presented below while selecting the right music for a prom.

• When picking music for the prom night, you should always stick to contemporary music and songs. You must remember that digging out some archaic tunes of the 50s and 60s may be a good thing to do for novelty dances, but the idea would definitely not work for proms. However, you can definitely play some popular old-school tunes and mo-town hits occasionally to change the ambience of the night. The only thing you must be careful about is that you should not make the atmosphere too retro while playing those old numbers.

• The songs you choose to play on the prom night must all be tasteful. There will definitely be a strong temptation of playing uncensored numbers that are popular among the teens; however, you will have to fight such temptations confidently. This is because the event will have young people participating in it. Our suggestion would be: before adding any number to the playlist you must listen to its lyrics carefully. This guideline is particularly important when choosing pop numbers.

• Irrespective of the genre of music you are playing, country or hip hop, you must ensure that the music in conveying a positive message. When picking music to be played at a prom, stay away from any tune that blatantly or even in a subtle way demean a particular gender or denigrate other individuals. Instead, you should pick numbers that inspire people to do good things or encourage them to stop hating. Look for tunes or songs that are created to spread good will and peace.

• While picking the tunes and songs for the prom night, you must keep in mind that your primary aim should be allowing the participants to enjoy the day to the fullest. So, any tune or number you choose must be danceable. This will allow every child or teen present at the party to have a great time. Makes sure the playlist at the prom does not include any dirge.

• The final hour of the prom should allow the kids to have maximum fun. We would advise you to hold back the most popular songs for the last hour of the event. You can make the list of these popular songs based on the preferences of the children present at the prom.

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